SJOG Dublin South East Services | Children’s Services
We support children and adults with all levels of intellectual disabilities from birth to old age.
St John of God, Saint John of God, Carmona, City Gate, intellectual disability, mental health, Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire, learning disability
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Children’s Services

We currently provide services to children with intellectual disability in a variety of different ways.  However, children’s services are changing rapidly with the roll-out of the HSE National project ‘Progressing Disability Services’. Children’s clinical services are currently provided by Saint John of God Dublin South East, on a limited basis.  They are shortly to be moved to Children’s Disability Network Teams which will be geographically based.  For more information, see the HSE’s FAQ about Progressing Disability Services.

Early Services

We provide supports to babies and children up to school age in Early Services.  This includes a specialised pre-school.  We also support parents, siblings and grandparents in order to give holistic support.

Family Focus

We have designed and developed specialised versions of the Parents Plus programme for families of children with intellectual disabilities.  The Parents Plus programme is a parenting programme which concentrates on supporting parents to manage children’s behaviour and to enjoy the fun and rewards of parenting.  We have adapted the programme for parents of children with special needs, and we have been invited to present at national conferences to showcase this customisation.

We provide limited support to children in mainstream pre-schools and mainstream primary and secondary schools.  Most support in mainstream schools is provided by Department of Education teachers and special needs assistants.

Children’s Respite

Sometimes families need a break and sometimes children need a chance to play with their friends and have sleepover or a holiday.  We have purpose built children’s respite, clubs and other options for children after school.

Applying for Services

Please contact The Secretary, Children’s Support, Agreement, Application, Transfer & Cessation Committee (Children’s SAATC) on


In order to access either school in the Region, please follow the enrolment procedures on the websites:

 Carmona Special National School

 Saint Augustine’s School