Children’s Services

Saint John of God Dublin South East provides services to children with an intellectual disability in a variety of different ways. We offer support to families of children from birth to 18 years attending the service, through an Early Years Programme, a Family Focused Outreach Programme and Childrens Respite.

Children’s services have gone through significant changes in the recent months with the roll-out of the HSE National project ‘Progressing Disability Services’.  Children’s clinical services are now offered from local Children’s Disability Network Teams (CDNT) which are geographcially based. For more information, see Tell Me About the PDS Programme

Early Services – Kildarton Specialised Preschool

We are a community based specialised preschool for children with an intellectual disability.

Here in Kildarton, we support families of children (aged 3-5) within their communities by providing play based, holistic supports to approach early education. Located in Glenageary, Co. Dublin, we offer a specially devised curriculum that covers all areas of child development.

Our vision is to  encourage each child to realize their potential at their own pace. Our highly qualified staff include Montessori teachers, Early Years Practitioners and Nursing staff.     

Also available are;


Family Focus

The Family Focus team offers a range of workshops and support for families of children aged between 6-18 years. We provide information, advice and support for families of children and adolescents who have a moderate intellectual disability and attend mainstream schools.

Family Focus promotes inclusion and positive outcomes for children and families.

Some of the programmes and supports we provide include:

Sibshop Workshops (for siblings aged 8-12 years)    • Growing Up support
Sibteen events (for siblings aged 13-18 years)          • Transition to Primary School
Parents Plus Children’s programme                         • Transition to Secondary School
Parents Plus Adolescent Programme                        • Child & Parent Educational Guidance
• Special Needs Programme                                       • Parent Support Groups
• Independent Skills Workshop                                   • Dad’s Evening’s

For more information please contact Jo Fleming:

Applying for Services

Please contact

The Secretary

Children’s Support Agreement, Application, Transfer & Cessation Committee (Children’s SAATC) on


In order to access either school in the Region, please follow the enrolment procedures on the websites:

Carmona Special National School

Saint Augustine’s School

Children’s Respite

Sometimes families need a break and sometimes children need a chance to play with their friends and have sleepover or a holiday.  We have purpose built children’s respite, clubs and other options for children after school.

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