A Wall for Clive – Dalkey, 26th May – June 5th
We support children and adults with all levels of intellectual disabilities from birth to old age.
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A Wall for Clive – Dalkey, 26th May – June 5th

A Wall for Clive – Dalkey, 26th May – June 5th

In October 2022, following a call-out for applications, Irish Hospice Foundation received 140 submissions for Seed Grants to support people and communities in the creative exploration of grief and loss. One our wonderful service users, Bernadette (Ber), an “outsider artist” – was awarded a grant.

Key worker and artist, Eithne Griffin, had seen Ber’s talent. She recognised that Ber uses art to cope with the loss of a beautiful friendship, taking every opportunity to sit down with art paper and coloured pencils, in the soft pastel hues she favours, to draw Clive in different guises.

The resulting collaboration with a graphic artist will be A Wall to Clive, a giant billboard poster featuring a mosaic of a sample of Ber’s drawings, due to be displayed in Dalkey village from May 26th until June 5th.

Wording Ber has chosen to incorporate as part of her memorial for Clive reads: “Surround your loved ones with stars and happiness, for they are in a place of peace.”
Well done Ber and Eithne on this wonderful piece of work.

View video here 

Read more on the Irish Hospice Foundation website A Wall for Clive – Irish Hospice Foundation

Or in an in-depth Irish Times article by Shelia Wayman, 9th May Ten years after her friend died, Bernadette still draws him nearly every day – The Irish Times